Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Poorly knee

Fell off my sodding mountain bike. Was this my fault? Well, partly, but there were other factors including (but not limited to):
  • Rain
  • A sneaky rock
  • A knee guard that slipped down
  • Listening to Rage Against The Machine which caused brief feelings of invulnerability and recklessness
  • A soupcon of speed
  • Lance Armstrong being on the television winning TDF7

Anyway, after flying through the air for the characteristically long time (why does time slow down during falls, time to think, to ponder one's airoborne-ness, and consider the impact?) I got up with a huge dirty gash on my knee clearly down to the capsule. The local doc couldn' t deal with it so we sped over to the next valley where a tired looking registrar and a fit nurse took a scrubbing brush to my knee joint and cleaned it up. Annoying.


Blogger Seeker said...

Gotta love those good ol' nurses!

4:58 pm  

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